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Total Vitality Program in Northeast Colorado Springs

Total vitality Program at Caplan ChiropracticThe Total Vitality program is a comprehensive and individualized holistic approach that restores your overall health and well-being in 3 months. The Total Vitality Program includes:

  • A 2 hour initial consultation with Dr. Caplan
  • 3 nutritional consultations over the 3 months of the program
  • Comprehensive before and after blood chemistry panels
  • Detox 360° Program – a powerful 4 week detoxification plan
  • 10% off additional supplements

Getting Started With Our Total Vitality Program

The cost of the Total Vitality Program is $2200. To get started in the program, please email us using the form below. We will contact you to schedule your initial evaluation and blood chemistry analysis.

Respond to me via:

If you have additional questions about the Total Vitality Program or would like to register, contact Caplan Chiropractic today.

Total Vitality Program Northeast Colorado Springs | (719) 357-6064