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Chiropractic Care

Offering a Holistic Approach to Health

Chiropractic care addresses the nervous system, which controls every aspect of your body. When your nervous system functions optimally, all the systems of your body can also perform at their peak. Subluxations are joints that are out of place and either not moving enough or moving too much, and they can put stress on the nervous system, affecting its ability to carry messages between the brain and the body.

We look at the body as a whole to determine the causes of these subluxations, which can be emotional, chemical or physical, so we can correct the subluxation as well as the underlying cause.

Care Tailored to Your Needs

Everything we do is designed to get to the underlying cause of your specific conditions, and we look at all your symptoms as a whole to help us diagnose the issue. We then create a care plan to address your needs, using various techniques to achieve the best results. We pay particular attention to the soft tissues around the joints, and every patient receives myofascial release or other soft tissue work prior to their adjustment. Our adjusting techniques include

  • Diversified
  • Drop Table
  • Instrument-assisted adjusting
  • Webster Technique

We also use Graston and Myo-Fascial Release for addressing soft tissues.

Open, Honest Communication

Dr. Michelle knows that some patients can be nervous about chiropractic or have had an unpleasant experience in the past, so she communicates openly. Our office is a place where patients can feel safe, being completely honest, and that honesty will help Dr. Michelle tailor care that you will feel comfortable with.

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