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New Patients at Caplan Chiropractic

Ask Us Anything!

Are you new to chiropractic? Or maybe you’ve tried chiropractic but are new to Caplan Chiropractic? Welcome! Dr. Michelle encourages her patients to ask questions and to talk through their concerns. Whether you are uneasy about a particular technique, or uncertain about chiropractic in general, Dr. Michelle wants to make you as comfortable as possible at each visit.

Dr. Michelle will always tell you what she is planning to do before she does it, so you will know exactly what to expect. There are also many different ways to perform a chiropractic adjustment, so if you are ever unsure of a technique or if something doesn’t feel comfortable to you, just let her know, and she’ll find another way to get it done.

Your First Visit

You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes that allow you freedom of movement and allow Dr. Michelle the ability to perform hands-on adjustments.

This first visit will last approximately one hour. You and Dr. Michelle will discuss your medical history and any concerns you have. Dr. Michelle will perform a health assessment and evaluation and will provide you with your initial treatment, based on your history and her findings.

Future Visits

When you return to see Dr. Michelle for subsequent visits, she’ll briefly discuss with you how you’ve been feeling since your last visit, assess your current health, and provide your treatment. Dr. Michelle schedules her patients for 30-minute visits, so that you won’t feel rushed.

After just a few visits, you may already be feeling relief. Committing to your treatment plan means you’ll likely see better benefits more quickly. You’ll look forward to coming back! Contact us today to get started on your health journey.


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