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Meet Dr. Michelle Caplan

I am passionate about helping people stay healthy and fit through all stages of life.

Dr. Caplan works with chronic pain patients and those struggling with health issues who have tried everything and come to her looking for an alternative. Dr. Caplan offers an integrative approach to restoring and optimizing health through functional medicine. But most of all, she listens to her patients!

From Patient to Healer

It was her own personal struggles that led her to Chiropractic and Functional Medicine. She suffered a severe knee injury while skiing which required reconstructive surgery. “I stopped at my Chiropractor’s office for an adjustment after every physical therapy session because it was the only thing that prevented me from limping. I realized then how much I could help others overcome and recover from injuries through Chiropractic.

Dr. Caplan completed her chiropractic studies at Life Chiropractic College West, graduating in 2008. At Life West, Dr. Caplan was introduced to her mentor, Dr. Nancy Auge, with whom she started Innovative Chiropractic in Mountain View, California. “From Dr. Auge, I learned to let Chiropractic be an expression of who I am,” says Dr. Caplan. “She wasn’t afraid to look outside the box.”

It was in 2010, when she became ill after traveling that she became passionate about learning how to help others stuck within the confines of traditional medicine. “I had severe GI symptoms with horrible skin rashes and swelling of my face and eyes on a daily basis. All the standard testing came back negative and I was told there was ‘nothing wrong.’ But I knew there was something terribly wrong. I realized that I was not alone with these experiences. Practicing Functional Medicine allows me to teach others how to feel the messages your body sends you and how to support the systems that need it until your body can breakthrough the barriers that limit you. ”

Dr. Caplan discovers which systems in your body aren’t functioning optimally by looking at lab work. Her experiences give her a wealth of knowledge and the benefit of many years combined practice experience from which to choose her care plan. Her keen diagnostic skills and integrative capacity have formulated the best of what can be offered today in strategies for reaching and maintaining personal goals in physical and emotional fitness, and overall well being.

Michelle Caplan

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Licenses’ & Certifications

Dr. Caplan is still currently licensed in California as well as Colorado and Hawaii. She has numerous hours of certification training in Active Release Techniques (ART), and Functional medicine which includes thyroid disorders, autoimmunities, and blood chemistry analysis. She is also a Webster Technique provider and a current member of the International Association of Chiropractic Pediatrics (ICPA).

Outside of the Office

Dr. Caplan raised two daughters. They were active young athletes now grown young women with children of their own. She understands the challenges of living in the fast pace reality of our Northeast Colorado Springs community. In the summer of 2016 Dr. Caplan turned Innovative Chiropractic over to Dr. Casey Derr, and moved to Northeast Colorado Springs to be closer to her family.

Get to know Dr. Caplan and find out how she can help you get the results you want. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or get more information.

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