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Functional Medicine in Northeast Colorado Springs

Testing suppliesFunctional medicine is an integrative approach to health based on function. The goal is for every part of your body to function optimally and in concert with every other system. It’s about establishing homeostasis. At Caplan Chiropractic, we consider your function, not individual symptoms. We work to locate and correct the underlying cause of any dysfunction with natural remedies, so you can feel great and regain your health.

We do in-depth diagnostic testing and tailor your program to your specific needs. Each program varies, but will typically include diet and lifestyle modifications, as well as non-prescription supplements, herbs and essential oils.

The Benefits of Care

We have countless success stories of patients with “mystery” ailments that other doctors couldn’t diagnose or that didn’t respond to treatment, who improved and recovered their health after Dr. Michelle detected and addressed the underlying problem. Some of our functional medicine patients started out as chiropractic patients, and when they didn’t get better within a few weeks of chiropractic care, Dr. Michelle looked deeper using functional medicine to solve the problem.

The New Patient Experience

Reviewing paperwork
We start with a free phone consultation, so Dr. Michelle can understand what you’re interested in and determine if functional medicine is a good fit. If it is, she’ll send you a packet of information and assessment forms that you can complete at your leisure. This is an extensive assessment that includes your symptoms, health history and expectations of care.

After Dr. Michelle reviews your forms, you’ll have a 15-minute phone consultation to review your goals. She’ll share her recommendations and talk about what should happen next. In some cases, we’ll schedule you for a visit to our office for a physical, in other cases, we’ll start by ordering labs and then do the physical as a follow-up. It all depends on the individual situation.

The comprehensive lab work and physical examination help Dr. Michelle start to put the pieces together so she can develop a care plan for you.

Take the First Step

Contact us today to schedule your free phone consultation.

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