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You Are Special!!

A couple weeks ago I started writing about autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis, and programs like “The Thyroid Secret.”

Today I’d like to continue that conversation by saying YOU ARE A UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL!!!  Each and every one of us has obvious similarities, brain, heart, lungs, muscles, etc.   However, we all express unique characteristics that set us apart.  We have strengths and weaknesses based on our genetics.   Oftentimes family history pre-disposes us to illness and conditions.   So when you hear about programs that say, “90 day plan to reverse” this or that – DON’T BUY INTO IT!!!!

Remember – you can alter your fate; you can alter which “genes” are expressed. Knowledge is power. There are lots of different tests to give you answers.  I’m not saying you should spend a lot of money on tests.  I’m saying find a good functional medicine practitioner, ask questions, get facts, and check the research.  Make you understand the research, are getting it from a reliable source, not research done by the manufacturer of the product, or the author of the program or book.

With that said, I want to dive a bit deeper into the expression of autoimmune conditions.  If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder or believe you may have an autoimmune condition then research shows you also have intestinal permeability (AKA “Leaky Gut”). Because of this, particles get through the intestinal barrier and become exposed to your immune system, setting of the immune response.  Simply put, when this happens your immune system tags the particles with anti-bodies, and once they are tagged they are tagged for life. Your immune system is so smart that it remembers these particles and every time the immune system is exposed to that particle it responds.  The response is an inflammatory response – think of it like this: the antibodies are warriors fighting a battle – the inflammatory process begins and after months or years of exposure you get what’s called general underlying systemic inflammation.  This is your immune system chronically on high alert, fighting a constant battle, until the warriors are worn down and can’t win the battle any longer.  Now you start to see more serious symptoms.  This is where our uniqueness comes into play.  Some of us experience thyroid symptoms; others skin rashes, GI symptoms, joint pain, and fatigue…


Your INDIVIDUALIZED treatment plan should focus on finding the cause of the underlying inflammatory response.  I don’t have a magic 90-day plan – some patients feel better in weeks, some months and some years.  In the next couple weeks I’ll talk more about how some of these autoimmune diseases are diagnosed, how to “get through the fog” and find the cause of the systemic inflammation and the role your diet and overall gut health play in autoimmune conditions.

I’d love to hear your feedback, suggestions or ideas – on this topic or other topics you’d like to learn more about.

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